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Gene Tipps Is Ready for the Future
Gene Tipps has a motto: “be brilliant at the basics”. On the surface, it seems simple, but once you sit with it for a bit, it’s profound. It also exemplifies Tipps’ approach to navigating the future of Plexus Worldwide. The new CEO of the health and wellness leader took over the helm from Tarl Robinson and Alec Clark in October of 2022. His first project was to do an in-depth analysis of the company’s systems and processes.
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Tarl Robinson is Reimagining Corporate Culture
To spend time with Tarl Robinson is the antithesis of what you’ve been told to expect from a CEO. Straightforward and unassuming, Robinson projects an air of stability. He’s a presence in the room in an unobtrusive way, gaining insight through listening rather than proselytizing. When you’re with him, you can both see and feel that his focus is wholly on observation, taking in the details to understand your point-of-view.
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