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Policy makers and the public are rightly often skeptical about economic impact claims made by businesses. For Plexus, having credible analysis conducted by the Seidman Research Institute clearly demonstrates the impact our products and services add to income, output, and employment in their economy and communities.

At Plexus we understand that corporate philanthropy gives momentum to community civic engagement. Strategic philanthropy can lead to financial gain for not only companies but the community, too. Economists have found a connection between social impact investing and financial prosperity. Philanthropy provides communities the resources they need to thrive.

An economic impact study should be performed based upon factors, not timing. Socio-economic impact is a predictor of long term business success. At Plexus performing an economic impact study is a part of our legacy journey from reducing cost to capturing new opportunities. Four reasons to conduct an economic impact study are 1) maintaining license to operate, 2) improving the business enabling environment, 3) strengthening value chains and 4) fueling product service and innovation.